Individual Permanent Security Tags - Property Marking

These individual permanent security tags are bonded using 3M468MP adhesive and at the same time a layer of Resin is spread over the tag to give full protection.

The adhesive is easy to apply and sets in just 5 minutes.

Available customised from just 1 Tag for that very important item. The more Tags you require the cheaper they become.

1 Tag - £11.00

3 Tags - £15.00 (£7.50 each)

6 Tags - £24.00 (£5.00 each)

10 Tags - £33.00 (£3.30 each)

All the above prices include VAT and UK delivery Buy Online Now

security tags for property marking

Generic Security Tag bonded and encased in Epoxy Resin

Available in 760 micron PVC 

  • Permanent fixing and protection with Clear Epoxy Resin  
  • Individual bar coding 
  • Traceable back to you
  • Registration on our secure offline database for life 
  • Can be customised with your company name, personal name or postcode adding identification to your property.


Are you or someone you know

  • Going to University?
  • Working away from home?
  • Constantly losing property?
  • Working in a shared enviroment?

Dont wait until it's too late! TAG YOUR PROPERTY NOW!

Choose from our Generic Security Tag (as pictured above) or from our 3 Templates where you can have your Company Name, Personal Name or Postcode added to the Security Tag at no extra cost.

NB. All surfaces must be flat as tags do not bend.

Our security tags are small (54mm x 25mm), economic and effective, not only as a recovery and reward method but also as an effective deterrent to would be thieves.


Using our Security Id Tag

  • Warn the Thief
  • Mark your property
  • Traceable back to you
  • No Yearly Fees
  • Asset Registration

  UK Delivery

Individual Permanent Security Tags
Type of Tag
Detail i.e. Name or Postcode

Worldwide Delivery

Individual Permanent Security Tags
Type of Tag
Detail i.e. Name or Postcode

Security Tags and what the Police Say

The police forces through out the UK, strongly recommend the marking and securing of all

equipment, no matter how large or small.

The aim is to make property less attractive to thieves. Marking your computer equipment makes it harder for the thief to sell on but makes it easier for the police to trace the rightful owner and secure a conviction.

Securing your equipment will stop the opportunist theft who will go on to an easier target.

Don't wait until the horse has bolted, mark and secure your equipment now before it goes


Contact one of our team of experienced advisors for more information on how you can

protect your property from theft or loss using our security tags.